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It is difficult to outsmart a teacher who has years of experience working with students and their excuses.

Because I did not do my homework last night, I will have detention after school today. coordinating conjunction subordinating conjunction correlative conjunction.Try to say in advance that you were not able to do your homework.

Let us count the ways: Giant lizards invaded the neighborhood.Doing so will display maturity and your teacher might respect your honesty.Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.

Ideally, you will always be ready for class and have your homework completed.

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I Was Spanked Because My Younger Brother Did Not Do His Homework: A true, personal story from the experience, I Was Spanked For Not Supervising My Younger Sibling.

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If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.Smear dirt and water on your assignment and claim it fell in a puddle.

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Then you can tell the teacher that it flew out the window and got run over or trampled on.When you talk to your teacher, look sad, serious, agitated, etc. depending on your excuse.

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If necessary, practice your excuse on a friend or to yourself.

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Turn in your work, even if you have to make an excuse and submit it late.

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Remember to evaluate the situation and make a good decision as to whether or not you will copy homework off of a peer.A sudden gust of wind blew it out of my hand and i never saw it.In some schools, even copying something like homework can merit a suspension.For instance, if you tell your teacher that you forgot your homework in your locker, he or she can just ask you to go and get it, and you will be caught.

Do your homework in the morning when you arrive before school starts.A few days ago, my teacher told me she will call my home because I did not do my homework.Well, I am making an extremely detailed power-point, I have not gotten to present it yet, though.This might take a lot of time, however, and if your teacher looks closely you might get caught.