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He also stated that advertisement, distribution channels and networks play an important role in the consumer goods industry.This literature review section examined several major factors that have been believed to determine consumer behavior.Teenager respondents from two different place were the target population.Additionally, no research has been conducted on symbolic consumption in relation to beauty products among the above-mentioned age groups.

For example: If one local company enters into the market then to increase the knowledge about the features of the new product, it will take long time for the consumers to recognise.Pearce, J. and Robinson, R. (2005), Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control, 9th edition.

Furthermore 26% of the respondents said Internet plays an influential role in their purchase decision.According to Keynote (2008), one in five young adults in the UK use a fragrance endorsed by a celebrity, of which there were at least 30 new introductions in 2007 alone.Next, they were asked to reveal their favourite brands and celebrities of cosmetic products.Majority of the respondents in the survey claimed that they would try cosmetic products recommended by their friends.The questionnaire and focus group interviews partly contained questions used by Escalas and Bettman (2003) in their research on consumers brand associations and influence from reference groups with connection to self-verification and self enhancement.

There are several key areas relating to the study, the focus of the research and of the methods that can be further developed.Therefore, it is important to have clear instructions, examples and reminders throughout the survey (Burns and Bush, 2005).

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They tend to be more expensive than mass-market scents but more modestly priced than classic brands, and have been responsible for consumers trading up, at the expense of cheaper products, rather than cannibalising sales of premium products.Furthermore, the manager also claimed that price is another crucial factor that influences the purchase decision of the female teenagers.

Another driving factor has been an increased interest in natural and organic products.Since there is little or no opportunity to monitor or communicate with the respondents during the interview, they involve a high risk of error occurrence.Reminder advertising, on the other hand, is employed for mature products as it keeps customers thinking about the product (Kotler et al. 2005).The conceptual model of consumer socialisation presented in figure 2.5 demonstrates this.It was found that public necessities, such as cars, clothes, wristwatches and so forth, were perceived as involving more value-expressive and utilitarian influence than private necessities.Now, the brand names become the objective of the purchase in itself (Bergadaa, 2007).According to Asseal (2004), there are groups that an individual may admire and wish to belong to.But the likelihood of belonging to these groups is low though the individual accepts the beliefs and values of the group.

Dissertation Consumer Buying Behavior.College papers for sale.What Is Creative Writing.College paper ghost writer.Custom research papers writing service.Marketing Week (UK 2004a) Looking for a brand to be loyal to. Vol. 27, Issue 47, pp 32-34.In addition, the study only examines beauty products as opposed to general products.Glatthorn, A. A. (1998) Writing the Winning Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide, London, SAGE Publications Ltd.Furthermore, it has also been found that female teenagers have trust in a well-known brand because of the advertisement with celebrity and famous actress.I use same branded cosmetic products as my friends to fit in the group.

Their aspirations are large and they are seeking to be loyal to sophisticated brands.This encourages multi buys and trading up, rather than stealing market share from premium priced fine fragrance (Keynote, 2008).A dissertation outline is the plan of your dissertation guaranteed to help you Liverpool John Moores University.This finding indicates that brand image of the cosmetic product is imperative for the female teenager segment.In this chapter the theoretical framework relevant to dissertation purpose and questions will be presented.Moreover, Coty also owns the mass-market brand of Rimmel, acquired in 1996.According to Aaker (2004), primary data has been collected to address specific research objectives.Thus when the consumers go for the next shopping, this past experience influences their choice selecting a particular brand.But in the product life cycle, due to the consumer behavior the image, target audience or function of this product can be in change.

In addition when the manager was asked regarding the importance of utilizing celebrities in the commercial of cosmetic products.With regard to the generalizability, the findings of this study are limited to celebrity endorsement and peer influence on the UK consumers.