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Crucially, it is concerned with the ways in which both individuals and groups can build more fulfilling lives for themselves and for communities of which they are a part.Jaques, David and Salmon, Gilly (2006) Learning in Groups: A Handbook for Face-to-face and Online Environments 4e.

Next a discussion will take place on how to set up a group, including what steps to take before setting up a group using a method on that used by Dorothy Stock Whitaker.Group Work Essay.Introduction What is group work and what is it.If the group is going to run once a week the service users need to be informed how long the group will run, for instance 12 weeks, this will depend on the number of topics that will be covered.Transcript of Groups: Initial-Transition-Working-Final Stages. Initial-Transition-Working-Final Stages.In other words, workers need to keep their eyes on the individual and collective goals that the group may or does want to work towards.This is important because the staff do not want to establish a group that is not going to be well attended, so finding out what is important to the service users is a big consideration.

This means that they both know themselves, and that they are seeking to live life as well as they can.To make life easier I have adapted a framework used by Kenneth E.

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This is based on the fact that oftentimes, students are expected to submit written assignments.This is important for the service users to be aware of as they could have other commitments such as child care or even work, so they will need to arrange time off or someone to look after their children.

This can be problematic for example if the group was a smoking cessation group staff who smoke or people who have never smoked could have different views and may not want to facilitate it.Group work as form of social work is directed towards giving people a constructive experience of membership in a group, so that they may develop further as individuals and be better able to contribute to the life of the community.There are many definitions to what a group is and many different principles or qualities within them.Forsyth, Donelson R. (2005) Group Dynamics 4e. Belmont CA.: Wadsworth Publishing.

Schulman, L. (1999) The Skills of Helping Individuals and Groups. 2e. Itasca, Ill.:Peacock.The group will have different people with different levels of personal experiences, what they found helpful and what was not so helpful and share these experiences with the rest of the group.The discussion may encourage greater creativity and push the members to think of new ideas.

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Working in groups can be challenging when you have different personalities on the team, but the collaborative work also provides benefits to the company and individual employees.Group work might be a drain on resources as it will take extra time to plan and facilitate tasks for example extra staff or to provide provisions such as tea or coffee.Answer Essay Type Questions in Literature Examinations. How to. Reference Essays.

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When you group employees for work projects, everyone gets the advantage of shared knowledge and experience.Benefits to group work will then be discussed and the barriers staff will encounter in establishing groups.Be responsible, and then add a little extra to bring the standards of the group up and make its success more likely.Cartwright, Dorwin and Alvin Zander (eds.) (1968) Group dynamics: research and theory 3e.See, for example Mullender and Ward (1991) and Twelvetrees (1982, 1991, 2001, 2008).

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Whether we are working with groups that we have formed, or are seeking to enter groups, to function as workers we need to be recognized as workers.

Some members may think that they will be stigmatised as they are attending a group specifically aimed at addressing their issues and it could be problematic if the group is held in an area such as a hospital which in its self could carry stigma.Working in teams is a common part of the business environment and may be an approach companies take to certain tasks,.The fourth stage is the Performing stage here the focus is clear the group has a shared goal to achieve, disagreements may arise at this stage but they can be positively and constructively resolved because of the group cohesiveness.Relatively little has been written over the last decade or so about working with emergent groups or groups formed by their members.Toefl Essay: Is It More Important To Be Able To Work With A Group Of People On.

Lieberman, M. A., Yalom, I. D. and Miles, M. B. (1973) Encounter Groups.We should not seek to act on the other person but join with them in a search for understanding and possibility. (Smith and Smith 2008: 20).If an employee works individually on a project, he might struggle with some aspects of it because of limited experience.Third, the social relationships involved in groups entail interdependence.

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There is no one model that is used in a specific group and they are not always rigid, meaning they will not follow each of these stages as they come but might go back and forth until the stage is complete then they can move to the next stage.Some more generic texts around social group work such Phillips (1957) also appeared.

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This would also be the trial run so they need to made aware of this.Employees may discover new ways to approach a particular task that is more effective.Entering groups or forming them, and then working with them so that members are able be around each other, take responsibility and work together on shared tasks, involves some very sophisticated abilities on the part of practitioners.