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The only factor that lacks for the final acceptance of cheerleading as a sport is better organization.

Cheerleaders deserve professional strength coaches, locker rooms, on-site trainers, academic advisors, and scholarships.

To repeat, I do not mean to offend cheerleaders and suggest that they are not talented.Professional training in proper spotting techniques is mandatory for the teams that enter competitions.Wrestling is considered to be a sport, but its beginnings were also related to the purpose of entertaining the crowd.

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A federal appeals court agreed with that approach in 2012: the judges decided that competitive cheerleading did not meet the varsity sport standards.

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Even now the vast majority of high schools have no male cheerleaders, with the result that cheerleading remains very sexist.I love how you ended your conclusion with a question to the reader.

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But it is time now to question the institution of cheerleading because it has sexist roots and encourages the objectifying of women.Personal Narrative: Essay About Cheerleading - With A Free Essay Review - Free Essay Reviews.Along with being the blondes of the school, cheerleaders are also seen as wanna-be athletes.Girls cheer at male sporting events, but no males (or females) are cheerleaders at female events.With the adrenaline rush from performing and competitive aspect of this type of cheerleading, it is no surprise that.The standardized rules, competitive character, and athletic spirit are already present in cheerleading, just like they are in any other sport.

The squad is supposed to show creativity within the boundaries of those rules.As well as complicated, cheerleading is also one of the most dangerous sports in the world.Officially classifying cheerleading as a collegiate sport would lead to more money, better coaches, cheerleading-specific trainers and a more balanced playing field.Saina Nehwal cheerleading is not a sport essay (born March 17, 1990) is an Indian Khel Ratna winning badminton player currently ranked.Learn how to write a perfectly structured argumentative essay with the following sample that features cheerleading sport issue.Cheerleading has evolved over the years from an extra-cirricular activity with the purpose of motivating spectators to an intense, competitive activity.Essay Cheerleading Being a cheerleader in the summer of my sophomore year gave me a new perspective about people and the stereotypes we put on them.

Even though I hate you for taking my topic you did a very nice job on this persuasive piece.Preview text: In many high schools, cheerleaders are considered the.Cheerleading Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report Cheerleading is defined as competitive sport involving organized routines including elements of dance and gymnastics.Pick a sub-topic like the community atmosphere in cheer and stick to that.The following guidelines are designed to give students a checklist to use, whether they are revising individually or as part of a peer review team.

You did such a good job persuading that cheerleading really is a sport.The physical therapist told me that all of this was a direct result of doing cheerleading for six years.You made sure you did not have it in I format but you made it easy to guess what your feelings were towards the suvject.

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STUNT, a modern version of competitive cheerleading, is an emerging school sport that meets all requirements to deserve such a status.

But there is not a cheerleader out there that agrees with that.

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Although most people who have taken part in cheerleading agree that this discipline has all elements of sport, the opponents of that attitude argue that a sports team has to exist only to compete, not to support another group that compete or entertain the audience.The view that girls are there for the entertainment of males needs to be closely examined.Interracial dating essay on unemployment in india critical analysis argumentative.

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