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Definition of LONG TERM DEBT TO TOTAL WORKING CAPITAL RATIO: Calculated as long-term debt divided by working capital.Apple has a Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly) of 0.7348. Apple Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly) (AAPL) charts, historical data, comparisons and more.

Ratios can be expressed as a decimal value, such as 0.10, or given as an equivalent percent value, such as 10%.Long-Term Debt is the debt due more than 12 months in the future.

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Appears in these related concepts: Importance of Working Capital, Key Considerations for the Statement of Cash Flows, and Decision Criteria.Please note that once you make your selection, it will apply to all future visits to NASDAQ.com.

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Virtually every bank establishes a minimum debt service coverage ratio for.Financial Accounting Long Term Solvency 6 Ramana, XIMB6 Table 16.4 shows the DER of some Indian companies: Table 16.4 Debt Equity Ratio as on 31st March 2006.Learn more about current ratio in the Boundless open textbook. Current Maturities of Long-Term Debt, and Current Obligations Expected to Be Refinanced. debt.

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Some types of businesses usually operate with a current ratio of less than one.

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Financial stability ratios are tools for gauging ability to meet long-term obligations with enough working capital left to operate. long-term debt repayment ratio.

For example, if cash is critical to servicing long-term debt, than Cash Flow to Long-Term Debt would be a good ratio.Long-Term Debt-to-Equity Ratio In risk analysis, a way to...The long-term debt to equity ratio is a method used to determine the leverage that a business has taken on.


As stated in a prior section, the debt coverage ratio may be used internally by a company to determine its ability to cover.When calculating the profitability of a business, it is essential to know the amount of debt a company has to pay.We monitor our capital on the basis of our net debt-to-equity ratio and long-term debt-to-equity ratio.

An expanded version of the ticker tape, which is displayed on a screen in the board room of a brokerage firm and shows constantly updated financial information and news.

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Appears in these related concepts: Cost of Land, Reporting Current Liabilities, and Types of Bonds.A high current ratio can be a sign of problems in managing working capital (what is leftover of current assets after deducting current liabilities).This amount may be in the form of bonds, loans and lines of credit.THE POWER OF CASH FLOW RATIOS By Frank R, Urbancic, DBA, CPA Professor and Chair Department of Accounting.Boundless vets and curates high-quality, openly licensed content from around the Internet.

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Another popular iteration of the ratio is the long-term-debt-to-equity ratio which uses only long-term debt in the numerator instead of total debt or total liabilities.If current liabilities exceed current assets (the current ratio is below 1), then the company may have problems meeting its short-term obligations (current liabilities). High vs. Low Current Ratio If the value of a current ratio is considered high, then the company may not be efficiently using its current assets, specifically cash, or its short-term financing options.

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Definition of long term debt:. and is distinguished from long term liabilities which may include supply of. long term debt to total working capital ratio.Liquidity Ratios. the business and includes both short-term and long-term debt.

Long-term debt is a loan or other borrowed money that a business takes longer than a year to pay off.Reports Second Quarter and Six Months Results for 2014 The average long-term debt-to-equity ratio fell from.

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How to Analyze Debt to Equity Ratio. long term debt such as notes payable and bonds.Appears in these related concepts: Defining Current Liabilities, Reporting Contingencies, and Defining Liabilities.